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Presentations from URTeC 2021

July 26 - 28, 2021
These presentations are now available for viewing.

Emerson E&P Software URTeC presentations

At the recent URTeC convention, Emerson E&P software specialists presented solutions addressing all facets of unconventional exploration and production, from shale geophysics to shale modelingshale petrophysicsflow assurance & production optimization, and data analytics & automation.  The videos are listed below, classified by topic, to help you easily find solutions to the unconventional challenges that interest you the most. Please click on the links for immediate viewing.

Shale Geophysics

A Comprehensive Fracture and Fault Characterization of a Shale Play – Multi-Scale Fault/Fracture Delineation Using Full-Azimuth Seismic Data

Quality Sweet Spot Identification Using a Comprehensive Integration of Seismic Attributes

Precision Depthing Using Well Marker Mistie Tomography and Demigration/Remigration Improves Well Placement and Steering. Please follow-up with your local sales representative if you are interested in this topic, or click on the Contact Us button at right.

Shale Modeling

Modeling Shale Heterogeneities with Automated Data Integration Workflows

Using 3D Structural Attributes to Estimate Fracture Probability

Extract More from Seismic Data for Improved Shale Modeling

Shale Petrophysics

Integrated Petrophysical Interpretation to Unlock Unconventional Reservoirs

Quantify Uncertainty throughout Formation Evaluation Workflows

NMR T1-T2 and T2-D Mapping of the Bakken Reservoir Complex

Flow Assurance and Production Optimization

Life of Field Simulation Utilizing Your Asset’s Surface-to-Subsurface Data in Tandem

Optimize Efficiencies with Virtual Flow Metering

Data Analytics and Automation

Automated Decline Curve Analysis

Automated Well Space Optimization and New Well Opportunity Identification Using a Machine Learning-based Workflow

Watch the animation to learn how Emerson drives operational excellence by connecting subsurface intelligence to surface operations.