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Production Geology - Integrating Production Data into the Static Modeling Process

October 17, 2017
Webinar is now available for on-demand viewing.


Presented by:  Aurore Plougoulen
Featured Domain:  Reservoir Engineering
Featured Technologies:  SKUA-GOCAD


In the initial stages of exploration, geologists may rely on only a few wells, or they might be lacking existing well information.  As more wells and more data become available and development and production commence, geologists will have access to much more information and must take that into consideration, to gain a better understanding of the reservoir.

Production data provides a great deal of information about the behavior of geological models.  This data is a real-time indicator that shows whether interpretations and geologic models comply with subsurface reality.  In this presentation, we will demonstrate how Paradigm allows us to change modeling practices in order to enhance performance, increase recovery and assess geologic hot spots.  Using this solution, we can efficiently perform an enlightened production data analysis that will serve as a quick indicator of reservoir performance, and enhance the accuracy of reservoir description and characterization.  This results in a deeper understanding of the reservoir, with clear identification of compartmentalization and more knowledge about the depositional environment and fluid interaction.


AurorePlougoulen_crop.pngAurore Plougoulen is a Technical Advisor at Paradigm for Reservoir Engineering and Modeling. Before joining Paradigm, she worked as a Reservoir Engineer at Oryx Petroleum, where she performed reservoir characterization, modeling and simulation on fields in the Middle East and Africa.  Aurore has a degree in Reservoir Hydrodynamic and Engineering from the National School of Geology in France.