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Prospect Investigation and Ranking with Advanced Seismic Interpretation and Quantitative Methods

January 07, 2020
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Presented by: Rob Bond, Director Interpretation and Epos Infrastructure
Domain: Interpretation & Modeling
Product:  SeisEarth



The evaluation of economic prospects in oil and gas fields is a great challenge. In order to succeed, exploration asset teams need to adopt the most effective solution for data interpretation, prospect qualification and ranking. Emerson offers the industry's best solutions in a single integrated framework. Geoscientists easily develop chained workflows offering interactive seismic operations, advanced machine learning methods, voxel visualization and multibody detection with advanced RGB/HSV visualization.  These are provided in conjunction with integrated well data operations and rock physics for de-risking high-quality seismic interpretation and performing detailed quantitative seismic interpretation in a multi-view environment. These easily accessible tools allow explorationists to extract high-value information from their data, and identify and rank opportunities for investment with a higher level of confidence and better risk management.