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QC and Validate the Base Case Scenario in the Structural and Stratigraphic Framework

October 09, 2018
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Presented by:   Melanie Morin
Featured Domain: Interpretation and Modeling
Featured Products: SKUA-GOCAD™, Geolog™, Explorer™ Well Marker Mis-tie Tomography


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The initial interpretation of the main elements in the subsurface reflects the geological understanding of the play and directly impacts the base case scenario of all subsequent studies. Its consistency compared to the available data and geological rules strongly influences all the models deriving from this geological framework, e.g. the velocity model, static model, dynamic model or geomechanical model.

As an integrated solution, Emerson E&P software enables you to optimize our unique volumetric approach, to accurately and efficiently QC the interpretation base case scenario as to data validity, data consistency and geological rules.

In this presentation we demonstrate the workflow and tools available to refine the initial interpretation of faults and horizons, to generate a validated geological framework that can be used with confidence for further reservoir studies, and as a valid base case for structural uncertainty analysis.