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Quantify Uncertainty throughout Formation Evaluation Workflows

July 09, 2019
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Presented by:  Gavin Baldwin, Senior Technical Sales Advisor
Domain:  Formation Evaluation
Product: Geolog™



Petrophysical analysis and formation evaluation provide vital inputs to most, if not all, geoscience workflows. Key information regarding porosity, permeability, shale volume and saturation as well as other mineral volumes, together with the identification of fluid contacts and the free water level, all guide and aid subsequent modeling and reservoir simulation. The ability to provide a level of uncertainty around these various petrophysical inputs increases confidence in reserves estimation and producibility, enabling better, more informed economic decisions. Geolog, Emerson’s best-in-class formation evaluation application, allows Monte Carlo uncertainty to be performed in a wide variety of petrophysical workflows, producing a customizable uncertainty range with each output: Whether running environmental corrections, performing deterministic or optimizing petrophysical analysis, verifying an oil/water contact, or simply running a user created algorithm.


Gavin-colour.JPGGavin Baldwin is a Senior Technical Sales Advisor for Paradigm, focusing on petrophysical solutions. In this role he provides technical support to the sales teams for all petrophysical, geosteering and formation evaluation workflows. Gavin has 25 years industry experience and holds a Geology degree from Derbyshire University, England.