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Quantifying Seismic Uncertainties on GRV Calculations through Velocity Models & Seismic Constraints

May 28, 2020
This presentation is now available for viewing.


Presented by:  Vincius Ramos
Domain: Geologic Modeling
Product: RMS


Velocity modeling and time-depth conversion are both critical steps in the characterization of structures in the reservoir. In seismic interpretation, velocity modeling has inherent uncertainties when generating the models. Such velocity uncertainties, in conjunction with resolution limitations, can mislead interpreters and geomodelers when estimating reservoir properties such as volume calculations. The workflow presented is aimed at measuring the impact on the structural model due to: 1) velocity uncertainties and depth positioning of surfaces, and 2) resolution constraints affecting surface picking. The results are given in a way that enables interpreters/geomodelers to easily identify those parameters that have the most negative impact on volume calculations.


Vinicius Ramos has B.Sc. degrees in Physics and Geology, and an MSc. and Ph.D in Geosciences, with an emphasis on Reservoir Geophysics. He has 10 years of experience providing consultancy for oil companies in the area of quantitative seismic interpretation. In the past 6 years, he’s been working with seismic interpretation and uncertainty handling, to measure their impact on structural modeling and reservoir volume calculations.