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Rapid Prospect Generation – Methodologies and Examples

January 23, 2018
Recorded Webinar

Presented by:  
Peter Wang, Geophysical Technical Advisor
Zahary Vera, Technical Advisor
Featured Domain:  Interpretation
Featured Technologies:  SeisEarth®, Stratimagic®, VoxelGeo®, Seismic Attributes
Duration:  27:15



This fast-paced demonstration will show the application of several distinctive and mutually supporting methodologies applied to seismic data from the Taranaki basin, currently the only sedimentary basin in New Zealand with commercial hydrocarbon production.  The goal is to gain maximum understanding of the structure, stratigraphy and fluid content, with the smallest amount of user time and effort.

​Pursuant to this goal, all the work will be done using only two apps, Paradigm Integrated Canvas and the Well Log Window, in a true multi-user environment.  There will be no movement of data.

The workflow will begin by applying Paradigm’s horizon and fault tracking tools, Seismic Propagator and FaultTrak, to build the basic structural framework in the area.  Fault contacts will be automatically generated, and the resulting fault polygon will be immediately applied to the gridding process.

The demo will transition to show how insights can be gained into the seismic stratigraphy of the area.  Proportional (stratal) slicing, multi-horizon, multi-survey seismic cube flattening, RGB/HSV visualization, and neural network waveform classification will be applied to the intricate channel features found in the basin.

Once the structure and stratigraphy are better understood, the interpretation process will proceed to detecting seismic anomalies related to hydrocarbon content.  An AVO anomaly related to pay in the synthetic seismogram gather will be presented, and used with AVO crossplotting to find the extension of that anomaly away from well control.

Finally, the AVO anomaly volume will be converted to depth, and visualized with opacity-controlled voxels.  A well trajectory plan will be constructed to hit desired drilling targets.


Peter-Wang_sm.jpgPeter Wang is a Geophysical Technical Advisor at Paradigm. He has a BS Degree in Geosciences from Brown University, and an MS in Geophysics and MBA from the University of Houston. He has a thirty-year history in the geophysical industry, having also served at Schlumberger as a Principal Geophysicist, Product Champion, and Workflow Champion, and Amoco Production Company (now BP) as a Senior Petroleum Geophysicist onshore USA Gulf Coast and Gabon.

Zahary_Vera.jpgZahary Vera is a Technical Advisor at Paradigm in North America.  She has been with Paradigm for over 13 years, serving in a number of roles that provide support for Paradigm seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization workflows.  Zahary holds a BS Degree in Geophysical Engineering from Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela.