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Reduce Geomechanical Risks in Drilling and Reservoir Production

September 03, 2019
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Presented by: Camille Cosson, Technical Sales Advisor and Gavin Baldwin, Senior Technical Sales Advisor
Domain: Formation Evaluation, Interpretation and Modeling
Products: Geolog™, SKUA-GOCAD



Sustainable field management cannot be performed without a thorough understanding of reservoir mechanics and how it evolves throughout the life of a field. Emerson E&P Software’s integrated solution enables the user to perform a rapid, yet comprehensive, subsurface geomechanical study in order to assess reservoir risk. 

Using the example of a highly faulted case study, we review a complete 1D to 4D geomechanical study. Beginning with Emerson’s petrophysical analysis application Geolog, we construct a 1D mechanical earth model based on data acquired from the well. Horizontal minimum and maximum stress magnitudes are calculated and calibrated with leakoff test results and borehole images. The 1D mechanical model is used as input along with the 3D seismic interpretation and inversion results in order to build a reliable 3D mechanical earth model. 

The unique modeling algorithm in SKUA-GOCAD enables users to build large, high-resolution models, capturing all key complexities. Different available gridding options automatically generate a Finite Element Mesh that is fully optimized for geomechanical simulators. A unique hybrid mesh has been designed to accurately simulate the reservoir’s structural complexities together with stresses along the faults. In order to identify risk related to production, the geomechanical simulation is coupled with flow simulation.


Camille_Cosson_sm.pngCamille Cosson is a geologist, with expertise in Petroleum Geoscience, Seismic Interpretation and Reservoir Modeling.  She holds a degree in Petroleum Geoscience and Engineering from the ENSG Ecole Nationale Superieur de Geology in Nancy, France.  In her current position, she is  responsible for promoting Emerson E&P Software solutions to the oil and gas industry, with an emphasis on Reservoir Modeling solutions.

Gavin-colour.JPGGavin Baldwin is a Senior Technical Sales Advisor for Paradigm, focusing on petrophysical solutions. In this role he provides technical support to the sales teams for all petrophysical, geosteering and formation evaluation workflows. Gavin has 25 years industry experience and holds a Geology degree from Derbyshire University, England.