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Reduce Uncertainties in the Velocity Model Using an Integrated Approach

August 07, 2018
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Presented by:
Akhil Puri, Senior Technical Advisor, Seismic Interpretation and Reservoir Characterization
Pankaj Kumar, Senior Technical Advisor, Processing & Imaging
Featured Domains:  Processing & ImagingInterpretation and Modeling
Featured Technologies:  SeisEarth®, SKUA-GOCAD, GeoDepth®


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Depth velocity modeling is a non-unique problem in Seismic. There are uncertainties in both velocity and structure depth. To reduce uncertainty in the velocity model, an integrated study of processing, interpretation and modeling is performed. 

The goal of this presentation is to demonstrate the workflow for obtaining a high-resolution, structurally constrained velocity model that satisfies both seismic and well data.  Horizon and fault interpretation is performed in SeisEarth.  The results are sent to the SKUA-GOCAD modeling application to create a geologically consistent structural framework and propagate velocity attributes.  SKUA-GOCAD modeling helps reduce uncertainty in the structural model. A SKUA generated velocity model is further updated using tomography workflows to obtain a high-resolution, well calibrated, structurally constrained seismic velocity model.


Akhil-Kumar-Puri.jpgAkhil Kumar Puri is a Senior Technical Advisor at Emerson Paradigm for Seismic Interpretation and Reservoir Characterization. He has 15 years of experience in Upstream Oil & Gas Interpretation and Reservoir Characterization . Before joining Paradigm, he worked for CGG HRSS, Cairn India. He holds a Master's Degree in Applied Geophysics from IIT Roorkee.

Pankaj-Kumar.jpgPankaj Kumar works as a Technical Sales Advisor at Emerson for Processing & Imaging. He has 7 years of experience in Upstream Oil & Gas Processing & Imaging. Before joining Paradigm, he worked as a Research Fellow in the National Earthquake Precursor Program in the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India. He holds a Master's Degree in Applied Geophysics from IIT Roorkee.