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Regional to Prospect Scale Interpretation - Prospecting and Field Development with Extended Acreage

May 02, 2017
Webinar is now available for on-demand viewing.

Presented by:  Bruno de Ribet, Paradigm Technical Global Director
Featured Domain:  Interpretation
Featured Technologies:  SeisEarth®, Paradigm® 17



Seismic interpreters are exposed to a broad range of competitive interpretation solutions, each with its own design, objectives, ease of use, and breadth of functionality.  Most offerings focus on a specific set of technologies rather than a full solution that is able to perform scalable, multi-survey, regional-to-prospect generation.  When looking to acquire advanced interpretation workflows to facilitate effective decision-making and risk management, O&G companies must make a difficult strategic choice – whether to maintain their legacy software or opt for an adaptable and integrated solution suitable to today’s complex challenges.

This presentation demonstrates the Paradigm 17 solution, which incorporates state-of-the art, multi-survey operations and perspectives that support the development of an efficient, “Interpretation at Large” workflow.  The demonstration will focus on creating an integrated interpretation workflow using best-in-class technologies in a seamless manner.  It will demonstrate how usability and ergonomics combine with industry-leading technology to significantly enhance productivity.


Bruno_de_Ribet.jpgDr. Bruno de Ribet is Technology Global Director at Paradigm. As a key subject matter expert, Dr. de Ribet advises on developing interpretation and reservoir characterization workflows that increase efficiency and take full advantage of the Paradigm suite of geophysical and geological innovations. He has more than 20 years of experience in the upstream oil and gas industry. Dr. de Ribet holds a Ph.D. in Geophysics from the Institute du Physique du Globe, Paris University.