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Reservoir Modeling and Simulation Using Fit-for-Purpose High-Fidelity Grids

January 08, 2019
This presentation is now available for viewing.

Presented by:  Aymen Haouesse, Director of Modeling, Emerson E&P Software
Featured Domain:  Reservoir Modeling
Featured Product:  SKUA-GOCAD



Requirements for 3D gridding differ substantially depending the type of processing that is being considered. For example, for complex faulted systems, honoring orthogonality that is required by flow simulators for better numerical accuracy can be achieved using a stair-stepped grid. This grid however is not fit for geomechanical simulations since geometrical movements resulting from simulated stress changes require smooth surfaces along faults.

Forcing a single grid for all processes to account for all requirements leads very often to oversimplified models and questionable results. On the other hand, using different and unrelated grids leads to challenges in collaboration and consistency.

In this presentation, a portfolio of fit-for-purpose grids for wide range of reservoir modeling and engineering applications is presented. These grids are optimal for the simulations they are used for while preserving geological integrity. They are representations of a common subsurface model ensuring consistency, fast model update cycles and accurate data and uncertainty propagation between the different disciplines.


Aymen_Haouesse_plain-background_sm.jpgAymen Haouesse is Director of Modeling at Emerson E&P Software, managing the development of integrated applications and workflows for the construction of robust 3D subsurface models. He holds a Master’s degree in Earth Sciences and Numerical Geology from the National School of Geology in France. Aymen has been involved in many integrated reservoir modeling projects, specializing in geostatisitics and uncertainty modeling.