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Simplicity and Flexibility – How the Paradigm Global Velocity Model Helps Users

March 27, 2018
Webinar is now available for on-demand viewing.


Presented by:  Zahary Vera and Peter Wang, Technical Advisors
Featured DomainInterpretation and Modeling
Featured Technologies:  The Global Velocity Model (GVM)



Velocity modeling is a critical step in accurate time-to-depth conversion and hydrocarbon volume estimation. Consequently, a comprehensive and intuitive solution fully integrated into the main interpretation platform is crucial for workflow productivity.

The velocity model is required in several steps of typical G&G workflows, such as time-to-depth (interpretations and seismic trace data), QSI activities, well log data domain conversion (depth-to-time), and well planning.  To support these multiple objectives, a single and shared window implementation is required to build velocity models consistently, combining different velocity sources in a more straightforward way. 

This Lunch and Learn session will show how the Global Velocity Model can enable velocity workflows that use many different kinds of velocity information, spanning simple to complex geology, in cases where there are few or no wells to many wells, and from a single seismic survey to multi-survey cases.


A high-velocity layer with lateral velocity changes is easily inserted into a lower velocity background velocity trend using the Global Velocity Model builder


Zahary_Vera_sm-(1).jpgZahary Vera is a Technical Advisor at Paradigm in North America.  She has been with Paradigm for over 13 years, serving in a number of roles that provide support for Paradigm seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization workflows.  Zahary holds a BS Degree in Geophysical Engineering from Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela.

Peter-Wang_sm-(1).jpgPeter Wang is a Technical Advisor with Paradigm. He has a thirty-one year history in the geophysical industry, having worked for Amoco Production Company (now BP), Kelman Seismic Processing, and Schlumberger. He has an MS in Geophysics and an MBA from the University of Houston.