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Stratigraphic Interpretation Using Seismic Attribute Analysis and Seismic Facies Classification

July 31, 2018
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Presented by:  Tan Siau Ching, Geoscientist 
Featured DomainInterpretation
Featured Technology: SeisEarth


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The identification of stratigraphic features plays an important part in hydrocarbon exploration and development decision making. However, during the initial stage of exploration, geologists and geophysicist may have a limited amount of well information to support their stratigraphic interpretation. This gives very high uncertainty when interpretations are being made in areas without well data. To reduce such uncertainties, seismic data has been widely used in the industry to give geoscientists better insight into the reservoir as well as aiding them in making their stratigraphic interpretation.

An integrated workflow using seismic attribute analysis and seismic facies classification may help geologists and geophysicist in delineating and identifying stratigraphic features which are subtle in conventional seismic data. In this presentation, we will show how geoscientists can quickly gain insight into the depositional settings of their datasets using Emerson Paradigm software. The workflow will demonstrate a combination of seismic attribute analysis with seismic facies classification, using Emerson Paradigm’s latest technology to highlight the stratigraphic elements in the studied dataset.


Siau-Ching-Tan_sm.jpgTan Siau Ching is a Geoscientist at Emerson Paradigm, mainly focusing on Interpretation-related workflow support and consultation. Before joining Paradigm, she worked as a geoscience workflow consultant at Schlumberger, where she provided technical support for interpretation and modeling-related workflows. She has a Masters Degree in Petroleum Geology from the University of Malaya in Malaysia