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Unveil Reservoir Properties: Quantitative Interpretation on Interpreters' Everyday Working Platform

October 30, 2019
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Presented by:  Camille Msika, Technical Sales Advisor and Dominique Mouliere, Product Manager QSI
Domain:  Interpretation and Modeling
Product:  Quantitative Seismic Interpretation



The giant gas discoveries of Leviathan and Tamar field in the eastern Mediterranean Sea have sparked a great interest in the deep Levant Basin. Wells drilled in the Myra and Sara licenses on a structural high didn’t encounter hydrocarbons, showing the limitations of conventional interpretation. Through a combination of rock physics analysis of the well data and a detailed interpretation of seismic amplitudes, Quantitative Seismic Interpretation techniques were used to characterize the reservoir and quantify properties like lithology and fluids, thereby reducing drilling risks.


Dominique_sm.jpgDominique Mouliere is the Emerson E&P Software Product Manager for Quantitative Seismic Interpretation solutions. Previously, she worked as a senior geoscientist at Fugro-Jason Geosystems. She holds a PhD in Geostatistics from the École des Mines de Paris, a D.E.A. in Quantitative Methods in Geosciences from the French Institute of Petroleum in Paris, and an M.A. in Applied Mathematics from the Universities of Reims and Paris.