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Updating Velocity Models and Structural Models through Time Preserving Tomography - A Case Study from the Colombian Foothills

May 19, 2022
This video is now available for viewing.

Presented by:  Lina Medina
Featured technologies: SKUA-GOCAD™ + Tomography


This presentation demonstrates a methodology that synchronizes geophysical tomography (anisotropic velocity update) and geomodeling (structural framework) through the project life cycle, thereby guaranteeing the update of the structural model and generating a geologically plausible velocity model. Using a dataset from the Andean Foothills of Colombia, we illustrate the joint use of time preserving model-based tomography to iteratively update velocity models and the corresponding structural geologic models. We model the perfectly sealed complex 3D multi-z imbricate structures, ensuring geological consistency. The results of the entire sequence are improved depth migrated seismic image quality, minimized well marker misties, an updated structural model and updated anisotropic parameters. Because the generated velocity parameter models are kinematically equivalent, they produce flat seismic gathers after prestack depth migration. 


Lina Medina is a technical consultant at Emerson in the field of Geophysics. She is an Exploration Geophysicist focused on providing effective solutions for managing geological and geophysical information. She has worked in seismic data processing, later focused on interpretation workflows and velocity model creation. She is now part of the Processing and Imaging team, supporting mainly depth imaging workflows.  Lina graduated from the I.M Gubkin Russian University of Oil and Gas, and holds a master's degree in Geophysics from the University of Aberdeen.”