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Using RESQML for Large Data Transfers across Applications

December 08, 2016
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Moving massive data sets into multiple applications has always been time-consuming and difficult. Today, with the use of Energistics' RESQML open format standard, this task is becoming easier.  

Exchanging wells with the RESQML format will highlight:

  • Proper transfer of data relations even in partial transfers, such as associations between well tops and horizon interpretation
  • Geo-referencing and origin of data, allowing data quality assessment using software, users and dates information
  • Data model reconciliation: overcome heterogeneities cross vendors for log types and units
Using this open format for large data transfers across applications, RESQML both improves exchange time and provides an enhanced user experience.


Francis Morandini, Total
Alice Chanvin-Laaouissi, Paradigm
Laurent Deny, Paradigm
Jana Schey, Energistics


For further information, please contact info@energistics.org.