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Paradigm Announces Update to Paradigm 2011 Release

Update release introduces advanced geoscience technology, powerful data integration and an enhanced user experience

(Amsterdam: Netherlands: April 25, 2012) Paradigm™ (www.pdgm.com) announces that it has released Paradigm 2011.1, an upgrade to the Paradigm 2011 synchronized release of exploration and development software made available last year.  The upgrade awards customers with requested enhancements and introduces new solutions to advance user performance, user experience, data connectivity, and geoscience.
This update release expands Paradigm’s offering on the Microsoft® Windows® 64 bit platform to include VoxelGeo®, its industry leading voxel-volume interpretation solution, and WAM, its Web Asset Manager for carrying out global queries on distributed data.
Paradigm’s interpretation community will be able to take advantage of new features in its SeisEarth® display canvases, including support for pre-stack data along arbitrary traverses, posting of cumulative production data, and display of MWD/LWD data in the 3D Canvas.  The release also introduces more flexibility in the import, storage and creation of well plans, and adopts NVIDIA’s Maximus technology to dramatically improve computation times for seismic attribute generation.
Users of Paradigm’s seismic processing and imaging solutions will be able apply its Reverse Time Migration technology to anisotropic (TTI) models, extending Paradigm’s wide portfolio of global and target-oriented seismic imaging capabilities. The release also introduces a new grid tomography solution that is not limited by data size constraints.  Enhancements in the release support the application of Paradigm’s game-changing full azimuth imaging and interpretation solution (EarthStudy 360®) to shale resource plays.
Paradigm’s GOCAD®/SKUA® modeling community will enjoy a greatly improved user experience with performance enhancements in data loading for large projects, multi-point statistics realizations, flow simulation grid construction using SKUA, and the creation of simulation decks.
“This significant upgrade offers our customers substantial value in carrying out their exploration and development activities”, said Duane Dopkin, executive vice-president Technology.  “We believe that the enhancements and new technologies included in this update will have a direct and measurable impact on our customers’ work processes and on the insights gained from analyzing subsurface data”.
Paradigm applications will be featured at AAPG 2012 in Long Beach, California, booth #1018, GeoConvention 2012 in Calgary, booth # 616, and EAGE 2012 in Copenhagen, booth #1550.
About Paradigm
Paradigm (www.pdgm.com) is the largest multi-national software company exclusively focused on the delivery of analytical and information management solutions for the discovery and extraction of subsurface natural resources. Serving the oil & gas and mining industries since 1987, Paradigm, with its 700 employees, operates globally via its 31 client service, technology and administrative facilities located in 27 countries.
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