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High-resolution, automatic residual velocity analysis.

FastVel® is an automatic procedure for the calculation of 2nd and/or 4th order residual moveouts used to flatten gathers. Based on the sophisticated and comprehensive Paradigm AVO technology, FastVel delivers enhanced imaging and AVO analysis accuracy. An add-on to Paradigm® GeoDepth® it can be used in a multi-attribute environment to analyze the HTI anisotropy components of the velocity field, and flatten wide-azimuth gathers in an azimuth-varying manner.  FastVel is also an add-on to the Echos® seismic processing system.

FastVel features include:

  • Automatic generation of residual moveouts and/or residual velocity volumes
  • Creation of a variety of outputs: updated RMS and interval velocities, moveout corrected gathers, and residual Eta sections/volumes
  • Special amplitude corrections, filters, super-gathers, offset equalizations and more
  • A variety of methods for constraining velocity analysis and ensuring that the resulting velocity field is realistic
  • Both interactive and batch operations, running on Linux clusters



FastVel is an ideal tool for producing flat gathers that enhance stacking and AVO. Based on the Swan method, it creates a high-resolution residual velocity grid that enhances a broad range of geophysical workflows.

FastVel benefits:

  • Residual moveouts and residual Eta section datasets can be used in tomography and constrained velocity inversion (CVI), to correct velocities and flatten gathers before stacking.
  • FastVel can enhance advanced workflows like depth conversion and pore pressure prediction.
  • FastVel embedded pre-conditioning procedures can significantly improve automatic velocity analysis.
  • The interactive QC utility enables users to quickly set optimal parameters for their specific objective.
  • Cluster-based batch operations provide a faster process and enhance productivity.


FastVel is also available as part of the EarthStudy 360® solution, where it is used to automatically estimate residual moveouts in the presence of azimuthal anisotropy. FastVel offers a robust workflow for extracting azimuth-dependent attributes from depth migrated 3D gathers or multi-azimuthal sectored data (OVT or EarthStudy 360). It performs automatic, three-parameter RMO analysis that easily “flattens” the gathers while automatically detecting the reliable zones of interest. This technology has become increasingly important due to the growing interest in unconventional shale plays, where knowledge about fracture/ stress orientation is essential.

System Requirements

Interoperability Options
All Epos-based applications enable interoperability with third-party data stores, including:

  • RESQML 2.0.1
  • OpenWorks® R5000.10
  • Petrel* 2017 & 2016
  • Recall™ 5.4.2

(*is a mark of Schlumberger )