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Data Loading - QC

Improve data loading, editing, and display.

Geolog™ provides exceptional flexibility and ease of use for data loading, editing, and display. All types of well data can be stored in Geolog including core, wireline and LWD measurements, and supporting lithological, geological, and stratigraphic information. Thanks to drag and drop functionality, data from standard contractor formatted or ASCII files can be rapidly loaded into Geolog, significantly reducing loading time.  Direct links to Petrel* seismic to simulation software and to Halliburton OpenWorks®, enable easy data sharing between various user groups.



Review: The contents of files can be reviewed prior to loading and user defined naming conventions automatically applied.

Display: Loaded data can be visually presented using either standard or user-defined graphical display layout templates, which can be interactively designed, edited, and saved for future use. Once wells have been analyzed, Geolog can deliver high-quality graphical output in a variety of standard graphical file formats, or send these images directly to a printer/plotter.

Edit: Following visual inspection of the data, operations such as interactive depth shifting and corrections for borehole environmental effects can be applied where appropriate. Actions performed on individual data items (e.g. log curves) are automatically recorded in an audit trail. This makes it easy to rapidly establish the history of any item from its creation until the current time, giving users increased confidence in measurements and data quality.

Geolog handles the entire data loading, log editing, analysis, and presentation workflow, eliminating the need to use separate packages for each task so customers can maximize their return on training.

Data Loading - QC benefits include:

  • Powerful project-wide QC functionality that not only allows identification of inconsistent data names, units, or sampling, but also highlights anomalous values for individual items.
  • Support for data loading/unloading to standard formats and for industry standard LIS, LAS (v1, 2 & 3), DLIS load/unload (see complete list below)
  • Wide range of environmental corrections for major service companies.



  • Amoco-A
  • BPB
  • Century
  • DICOM® (.dcm)
  • DLIS
  • Geographix® ASCII4 (.wb4)
  • Geolog-ASCII, Formatted ASCII (.txt, .csv, .prn) and user defined.
  • IHS 298 Production Data (.98c, 98f)
  • IHS Depth Registration Data (.xml)
  • LAS (1,2 and 3)
  • Robertson Geologging (.lgx)
  • LIC (PETRA™ - Log Image Calibration)
  • LIS
  • OWX (OpenWorks® Exchange Format) as exported by IHS Kingdom® and IHS PETRA (.asc)
  • RMS®
  • SEG-Y, including 3D CT scan data
  • TGS SmartRASTER® (.sif)
  • SPWLA - Well Information and Core Format
  • Western Atlas BIT
  • WITSML 1.x (Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language)
  • XTF

* is a mark of Schlumberger