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Expanding the reach of Geolog further into the production cycle.

The Geolog Engineering suite of modules has been developed to offer Geolog's renowned high-quality functionality to engineers working on wells that are already deep into the production phase.

Geolog engineering offers a wide range of capabilities


  • Evaluate performance of wells on a zone-by-zone basis
    The well integrity module enables you to:

    • Interpret casing inspection logs
    • Calculate casing quality
    • Perform cement evaluation using sonic, ultrasonic and radial bond logs
    • Create reports which summarize results and highlight areas of concern
  • The well schematics module enables you to:

    • Create new well schematics using the new editor, or display existing completions in the new schematic track
    • Display engineering well completion information alongside other data in Geolog
  • Production log interpretation enables you to:

    • Process and interpret spinner and fluid tools to identify volumes of fluid produced in their wells
    • Evaluate performance of wells on a zone-by-zone basis