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Advanced electrofacies analysis and prediction.

Integration of core description data into electrofacies analysis.
The advanced Facimage electrofacies analysis tool is based on technology developed by Total and features Multi-Resolution Graph-based Clustering (MRGC), a multi-dimensional dot-pattern recognition method based on k-Nearest Neighbors and graph data representation.

MRGC allows the analysis of the underlying structure of data and the formation of natural data groups, which may have varying densities, sizes, shapes, and relative separations. MRGC automatically determines the optimal number of clusters, while also allowing the geologist to control the required level of detail.

Facimage consists of a suite of routines for electro-facies analysis and core data modeling, making it an invaluable tool for petrophysicists and geologists alike.


Facimage offers the following analytical methods:

  • Multi-resolution graph-based clustering (MRGC)
  • Dynamic clustering
  • Ascendant hierarchical clustering (AHC)
  • Self-organizing map (SOM)
  • Neural network log prediction