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From simple to complex: 20 years of high-quality subsurface modeling.

Since 2013, GOCAD and  SKUA have been merged into one application, which is now available either as a standalone configuration or running on Paradigm Epos. Projects from both GOCAD and SKUA can be loaded into the SKUA-GOCAD application, and SKUA and GOCAD workflows can be shared.

Accurate structural model with GOCAD
GOCAD has led the industry for over 20 years in providing the most advanced capabilities for seismic, geological and reservoir modeling. Fully integrated and multi-disciplinary, GOCAD produces accurate results, resulting in more reliable reservoir predictions.

Now, with the SKUA-GOCAD integrated product suite, geoscientists can incorporate difficult model structures, multi-z surfaces such as salt domes, and complex overthrust faults. With a simple to use workflow-based interface, users can obtain results quickly, and when the modeling gets tough, SKUA-GOCAD can handle complexities that other solutions cannot.


Modeling is at the core of prospect generation and reservoir optimization

SKUA-GOCAD bridges the gap between interpretation and simulation through:

  • Seismic interpretation and reservoir simulation workflows
  • Interpretative structural and geological modeling
  • Population of models with rock properties and reservoir characteristics
  • Reservoir gridding/upscaling for dynamic simulation
  • Integration and interpretation of data from all available sources, including familiar databases and formats from OpenWorks®, GeoFrame®, ASCII, LAS, and SEG-Y
  • Risk analysis that captures and integrates the source of uncertainties at every level of the value chain (geometry, static and dynamic properties)

What can SKUA functionalities do for GOCAD users?

While SKUA uses the original GOCAD infrastructure, it offers a volume-based approach to the model-building process, as well as a mathematically rigorous representation of the subsurface. Many GOCAD plug-ins have additional options when used in in the SKUA suite, with far superior results.

Feature/Functionality SKUA GOCAD
Reservoir modeling time requirements Days or weeks Months or longer, with many faults, many horizons, complex stratigraphy
Model reservoir types All: Simple to complex Reservoir models limited to simple fault network configuration
Geologic model quality Higher accuracy and more detail for a truer representation of subsurface geology Reservoir models limited to simple fault network configuration
Unique features Global Interpretation, true 3D seismic paleo-flattening, enhanced fault seal analysis, fracture probability computation Not available on a GOCAD constructed model
Modeling technology Mathematically rigorous UVT Transform® approach models true depositional state of subsurface Reservoir models limited to simple fault network configuration


SKUA-GOCAD is a fully integrated software suite with modules that span the entire E&P subsurface activity from seismic to reservoir simulation.