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The Emerson E&P Software group offers a full range of 2D and 3D prestack and poststack time and depth migration methods, aimed at supporting a wide range of imaging objectives.

Migration is an integral part of these emerson e&p software solutions:

The migrations, supported by the GeoDepth™ velocity model building solution, include:

Ray-based migrations

Kirchhoff migration


Common shot wave equation migrations

  • One-way WEM (Wavefield Extrapolation Migration) (Phase Shift)
  • Two-way RTM (Reverse Time Migration). These migrations run efficiently on clusters comprising massive amounts of nodes.

The combined and highly compatible offering of local angle domain imaging solutions and Reverse Time Migration is a valuable addition to any project where seismic data is considered an important exploration or development asset. The local angle solutions can be used for isotropic and anisotropic velocity determinations, velocity model updating, seismic characterization, and any project where there are azimuthal dependencies on the model, outcomes and image. The RTM global full wave solution can then be used for final imaging and intermediate checks on the velocity model accuracy.