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Higher productivity and lower costs through informed decision making while drilling.

With OpsLink™, operating companies’ asset teams can make rapid and informed critical decisions while drilling based on real-time data, in order to avoid drilling surprises and optimize well position in the reservoir. Flexible access to real-time WITSML™ servers enables timely, efficient, and accurate transfer of MWD and LWD data from rig site acquisition systems to office-based software applications and databases.


OpsLink features include:

  • Support for WITSML and, including well, wellbore, wellbore geometry, trajectory, log, mud log and tubular objects.
  • Multiple concurrent subscriptions from multiple WITSML providers can be managed from within a single panel user interface.
  • An Event Manager provides detailed status information, allowing the user to monitor the status of current subscriptions, track history, and record data transmission failures.
  • Automatically detects and reconnects to the WITSML server if connectivity is lost while a subscription is active.
  • Data can be acquired from a WITSML file or WITSML server as a one-time download.
  • A graphical representation of databases for mapping real-time data objects from a WITSML source to a specific data repository. A preview of data located on WITSML servers is available for QA.
  • Real-time workflows in Geolog™Geolog Geosteer™ and SKUA-GOCAD™
  • Real-time logs can be instantaneously passed to the pore pressure workflow via WITSML, for quick updates of actual pore pressure profiles. Based on these updates, real-time decisions can be made to safely continue well drilling.
  • Data acquired by OpsLink can be stored in the Geolog well data repository or the Epos™ drilling database.
  • Ability to populate third-party data repositories such as OpenWorks® using Epos™ data links. It can also save data directly to a file.