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Geological Interpretation

Geological interpretation in RMS is fully integrated with the product’s seismic interpretation, geological modeling, reservoir engineering and well planning solutions. The powerful Geological Interpretation module ensures fast and efficient interpretation of well picks and stratigraphy ready for use in geological modeling.

    RMS Geological Interpretation benefits

  • The effective management of well picks, wells and QA tools to ensure consistent input to geological modeling workflows
  • Powerful visualization with linked views and global cursor for all relevant data
  • Integrated with state-of-the-art geomodeling workflows where automation allow fast iteration to see the effect of changed geological interpretation.
  • Powerful plotting capabilities for both on screen and printed material

RMS Geological Interpretation features

  • Create and edit well picks, facies interpretation, and zone log interpretation.
  • The well correlation view offers rich visualization. Integrated cross section editing can quickly create the right sections to follow trajectories. The wells selected their order and are used in a variety of views: correlation, intersection, 3D and map views.
  • A full set of workflow tools, including calculators for well picks and zone attributes along with log calculation, allow automated workflows to run the calculations needed to provide mistie tables, maps as well as calculating zone averages of any log.  If 3D grids are available, the same property averages can be extracted from blocked well logs and grid parameters in the same framework.