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Roxar API

Roxar API provides everything users need to access RMS™ project data using the Python language. With API, users can do such tasks as: retrieve data, make a copy of data and store it into another data object, run calculations against data, create new data items, save projects as a new name, and much more.


Skilled users with good systems/software struggle to accomplish exactly what they want or what is required. Examples of these hard-to-perform tasks might include: Integrate multiple independent applications into their software environment, automatically update their local RMS projects with new shot seismic data placed in a central repository in their company, etc.

Roxar API now provides users with a Python toolkit for accessing the RMS data through scripts, for the purpose of customizing workflows and manipulating the data as needed. The solution can be used for interacting with data and jobs and provides a method for users to customize, edit and visualize RMS data. It further allows the sharing of models and interaction with other applications. Python scripts can be used not only from within the RMS environment, but also using external processes like Jupyter Notebook.  They can be shared across multiple projects and throughout the organization as needed.

Roxar API is a highly modular system comprising many packages, each with a clear responsibility.

Roxar API can be used to create customized Plugins or standalone applications called Roxar Apps to extend RMS functionality.  These plugins can be used like any other job in RMS, and run as part of a workflow.

API deliveries for RMS 12

Jobs API infrastructure 

  • The Jobs API infrastructure allows users to create, delete, execute and save jobs as well as get and set parameters from inside RMS or as an external process.

Coordinate system 

  • Allows user to create, get and set the coordinate reference system for a project.
  • Performs transforms between coordinate reference systems.


  • Allows access to Big Loop™ variables in RMS.

Structural model

  • Enables creation of new empty models which can be used with jobs.


  • Allows display objects/data in views​, create/delete views (3D, map, and intersection views) 
  • Activate any specific view in the Multiviewer and reset view positions
  • Set color table name and min/max in the visual settings for Surfaces and Grid properties​

Extend to Old Jobs API