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Roxar API

Roxar API enables users to access RMS™ project data using the Python language, in order to customize workflows and manipulate the data as needed.  Using Roxar API, it is possible to perform such tasks as: retrieve data, make a copy of data and store it in another data object, run calculations against data, create new data items, create and run jobs, save projects as a new name, and much more. 

The solution can be used within the RMS environment as well as from external processors like Jupyter notebook. 


Roxar API Benefits

With Roxar API, users can automate such complex and time-consuming manual tasks as:

  • Integrate multiple independent applications into the software environment.
  • Create customized plugins that can be used like any other job in RMS and run as part of a workflow.
  • Create Roxar Apps to extend RMS functionality externally without launching RMS.
  • Automatically update local RMS projects with new data placed in a central repository in the company.
  • Perform operations on RMS data with a single click
  • Share models across multiple projects and throughout the organization, and interact with other applications.