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SKUA Structure Uncertainty

Full comprehension of volumetric and fault seal uncertainties.

Uncertainty in the position and shape of subsurface structures comes from many sources, such as processing and imaging, interpretation, velocity modeling, data quality and resolution, human error, etc. Uncertainty can have a major impact on hydrocarbon in-place volume assessments, drilling plans, field development strategies, production forecasts, and hence reserves estimates.  SKUA enables geoscientists to capture uncertainty on all faults and horizons of the earth model and propagate its influence to rock and hydrocarbon volumes, fault seal calculations and production profiles.

Features include:

  • User-specified (spatially varying) uncertainty on all horizons in the model
  • User-specified uncertainty on all faults in the model
  • Coherent stochastic simulations of the full structural model
  • Constrained to interpreted horizon and fault markers
  • Ranking of alternative structural model realizations
  • Automatic update of the SKUA geologic grid
  • Direct connection to Paradigm Reservoir Risk Assessment (JACTA) for in-place hydrocarbon volume estimates
  • Direct integration in the production assessment loop uncertainty (available with Reservoir Simulation Link)

Benefits of SKUA structure and stratigraphy uncertainty:

  •     Incorporates fault uncertainty in volume estimates and development plans
  •     Enables the propagation of subsurface uncertainty to operational  decisions
  •     Unique approach made possible only by SKUA’s UVT Transform technology