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SpeedWise Reservoir Opportunity

Accelerate time to recompletion, vertical sweetspots and horizontal wells

SpeedWise® Reservoir Opportunity* (SRO) is a fully automated, cloud-native solution that applies advanced computational algorithms and data mining techniques to multi-disciplinary data so that reservoir geoscientists and engineers can collaboratively make data-driven field development and recompletion decisions. SRO automates several geologic and engineering workflows that are typically performed manually, including remaining pay interpretation, drainage analysis, geo-engineering attribute mapping, production forecasting, and uncertainty quantification, to capture initial production potential and associated risks across the portfolio.

SRO has been developed under a collaboration between Emerson and Quantum Reservoir Impact. Emerson is the exclusive global distributor for this application.

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  • Workflow automation can lead to time savings of over 90%, cutting workloads from months to weeks.  Asset teams can run many more scenarios in any timeframe and spend more time vetting the opportunities. The result is better risk management and shorter decision-making cycles..
  • Increased production, reserves and capital efficiencies by identifying actionable field development opportunities that align with reservoir management strategy.
  • Team collaboration that breaks down multi-disciplinary silos and opens up accessible cross-functional workflows to identify opportunity criteria and empower more reliable field development planning.

SpeedWise Reservoir Opportunity Benefits

Lighting Fast and Scalable

  • Automate geological and engineering workflows, cutting workload from months (or even years) to weeks.
  • Expect rapid execution time - an initial opportunity inventory can be generated very quickly.
  • Leverage the full power of cloud computing through a scalable SaaS platform.


  • Integrate data and interpretations from multiple disciplines and sources (geological model, flow simulation model, well logs, production data, completion data, and well tests).
  • Streamline data ingestion and validation.


  • Customize settings for any geologic environment, adapting to unique field/reservoir complexities (depositional environment, fracture prevalence, extensive baffle layers, vertical communication, and reservoir compartmentalization).

Consistent and Smart

  • Consistent and systematic assessment and evaluation for repeatable results. 
  • Leverages state-of-the-art machine learning technology to improve opportunity identification.


  • Work in a collaborative, secure cloud-based environment, resulting in much more efficient teamwork.
  • Break down multi-disciplinary silos to help mitigate missing and incomplete data for more confident field development planning.

SpeedWise Reservoir Opportunity Features

  • Automated geo-engineering workflows for identifying and ranking recompletion, vertical sweetspots and horizontal wells. Workflows performed include remaining pay interpretation, optimal target search, probabilistic production forecasting, interference analysis, and uncertainty quantification. 
  • A flexible framework for customizing settings to unique field/reservoir specificities.
  • Centralized and collaborative dataset management: Allows users to create/update multi-disciplinary datasets, upload files, and automatically QC/validate data.. Supports Energistics RESQML™ for wells and reservoir models.
  • Workspace/case management: Allows users to manage/access/version projects and cases. Users can specify project collaborators.
  • Streamlined workflow execution: By analyzing historical field performance and benchmarking against analog assets, the technology intelligently picks the best settings, tailored to address the unique challenges posed by the field. 
  • Interactive result dashboard: Allows users to collaboratively visualize and analyze the ranked opportunities.

Recomplete Finder Workflow


Interactive Result Dashboard

Once a case is successfully executed, the results are accessed through an interactive visualization dashboard for collaborative analysis and validation. The dashboard includes:

  1. An overview of all the identified opportunities, including a map of opportunity locations, distribution of opportunities by production zone, and ranking of opportunities based on production gain.
  2. A detailed, well-by-well, zone-by-zone review of opportunities with supporting justifications.
  3. A comprehensive summary table of all opportunities with entered and inferred ranking criteria.

SRO is licensed as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, accessed online via a subscription, and meets the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. 


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* Patent pending