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An integrated, contractor-independent solution.

Wells showing uncertainty in Sysdrill 3D view
The Sysdrill integrated suite of well planning and drilling software solutions helps operating and drilling service companies enhance well planning accuracy, reduce drilling risk and uncertainty, quantify wellbore position and precision, and improve drilling safety. Sysdrill is a contractor-independent solution that helps customers make drilling decisions, independent of drilling service companies.


Sysdrill is an integral part of these emerson e&p software solutions:


Sysdrill for the Drilling Engineer and Well Planner

Drilling engineering and well planning professionals ensure that wells are drilled safely, on time, and on budget by avoiding non-productive rig time.

  • Sysdrill Director. Combines flexible well planning with advanced error modeling and anti-collision techniques to allow drilling engineers to safely and accurately plan, drill and monitor directional wells.
  • Sysdrill DirectorGeo. Seamlessly linked to VoxelGeo, it enables multi-disciplinary teams of geoscientists and drilling engineers to plan wells within a single, volume-based seismic interpretation environment.
  • Drilling Engineering. A suite of fully integrated drilling engineering products that includes Torque & Drag, Hydraulics, Casing Design, Cementing and Well Control.

Sysdrill for the Geoscientist

SeisEarth Sysdrill Designer allows geoscientists to quickly produce well designs after targets have been interactively selected, and display them in 3D view, together with geological data. Geological well targets can be defined and edited, and well paths can be constructed, controlled by pre-defined drilling constraints.

Sysdrill for the Geologist

The integration between Sysdrill and Geolog Geosteer™, allows the geologist to geosteer the well path and make adjustments or corrections in real time. This solution provides an environment in which complex well paths may be designed and engineered for optimal placement in the reservoir based on a combination of seismic, geological or reservoir data.


System Requirements

Interoperability Options

  • Epos 4.1
  • OpenWorks® R5000
  • GeoFrame® 4.5, 2012
  • WITSML and
See SeisEarth for system requirements for Sysdrill Designer.