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Проектирование скважин в Sysdrill

Быстрое и точное проектирование скважин, уменьшает неопределенность и повышает безопасность бурения.

Единый комплекс технологий программного обеспечения Paradigm® Sysdrill® позволяет повышать точность проектирования скважин, снижать риск и позиционную неопределенность при бурении, получать количественное описание положения и точности ствола скважины и повышать безопасность бурения.

Программное обеспечение для проектирования скважин компании Paradigm является независимым средством, помогающим промысловым и буровым компаниям принимать эффективные решения при бурении.

Технологии проектирования скважин укрепляют уверенность в процессе принятия решений

Объединенный комплекс программного обеспечения проектирования скважин и инженерных расчетов системы Sysdrill помогает добывающим и сервисным буровым компаниям:

  • повышать точность проектирования скважин
  • снижать неопределённость положения ствола скважин при бурении
  • количественно определять положение и точность ствола скважины
  • повышать безопасность бурения.

Sysdrill Director

Sysdrill Director combines flexible well planning with advanced error modeling and anti-collision techniques to allow drilling engineers to safely and accurately plan, drill, and monitor directional wells. Automated well planning enables quick and easy well design. Geometric constraints, such as inclination and direction at target entry, optimize the design. Offset wells can be loaded and co-visualized for collision avoidance.

Sysdrill Director features include:

  • Powerful, flexible well planning spreadsheet, including access to pre-defined wellpath profiles
  • Automatic well planning option for quick well design
  • Robust database, scalable from the wellsite to the corporate data store
  • Full range of error modeling techniques for MWD, gyro, and inertial downhole survey instruments, including full support for ISCWSA magnetic and gyro error models
  • Ability to compute and visualize expected wellbore positional uncertainty to determine the feasibility of geological prospect drilling
  • Fast, flexible anti-collision analysis incorporating wellbore positional uncertainty
  • Interactive 3D HTML viewer
  • Powerful engineering plotting with user-extensible set of plot templates
  • Real-time, directional survey data loading, using Paradigm WITSML™ technology, for automatic computation of the actual wellbore position as drilling progresses
  • Flexible graphical capability to project current wellpath ahead of the bit
  • Complete integration with the Sysdrill suite of drilling engineering applications

Sysdrill DirectorGeo

Director Geo is seamlessly linked to Paradigm VoxelGeo®, allowing users to integrate well planning with volume-based seismic interpretation in a single environment. This efficient combination enables multi-disciplinary teams of geoscientists and drilling engineers to plan wells and reduce well planning cycle times.

DirectorGeo automatically updates directional survey data in real time via WITSML, allowing team-based decisions about drilling ahead. The module allows direct access to pressure profiles along any planned well for integrated well engineering, and provides seamless integration with the Sysdrill drilling engineering suite to enable ‘on-the fly’ wellbore drillability analysis.

Sysdrill DirectorGeo features include:

  • Seamless interactive well planning in VoxelGeo
  • Instant 3D visualization of the wellbore design in VoxelGeo, including targets, casings, and wellbore uncertainties
  • Interactive picking and moving of multiple targets
  • Ability to compute and visualize expected wellbore positional uncertainty to determine the feasibility of geological prospect drilling
  • Anti-collision analysis incorporating wellbore positional uncertainty
  • Horizon extraction for intersection computation and measurement of distance from well to geological features, e.g. faults
  • Visualization to avoid geohazards and areas of high pore pressure, with direct extraction of pressure values along any wellpath in pressure volumes
  • Real-time, directional survey data loading, using Paradigm WITSML technology, for automatic computation of the actual wellbore position as drilling progresses

System Requirements

System Requirements Processing
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7, 8.1 (32 and 64-bit)
Interoperability Options
All Epos®-based applications enable interoperability with third-party data stores, including:
  • Epos® 4.1
  • OpenWorks® 2003.12, R5000
  • GeoFrame® 4.5, 2012
  • WITSML 1.2 and 1.3.1
*  Image courtesy of Integrated Petroleum Technologies Inc. and Mineral Resources Inc.