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Tempest ENABLE

Capture, propagate and quantify uncertainties across disciplines, while keeping models realistic.

As the front end to reservoir simulators, Tempest™ ENABLE is designed to optimize reservoir understanding through thorough uncertainty analysis, history matching and performance prediction.  It goes far beyond manual simulations, concurrently evaluating a range of production and observed data and tolerances and intelligently driving the simulator through hundreds of realizations. Working in tandem with the reservoir simulator, Tempest ENABLE can be employed to manage and aid the engineering process, at any stage of a field’s life, with or without historical data. It allows engineers to quickly gain statistically valid information about the reservoir and use it to make better forecasts.

ENABLE also represents a key component of the Big Loop™ solution, by offering integrated, automated, and repeatable workflows encompassing all dynamic and static data and their related uncertainties.


  • Proxy-based and Ensemble Smoother based history matching in one program
  • Prediction ensembles for alternative scenario assessment
  • Stochastic uncertainty support
  • User-friendly with straightforward workflows
  • Multiple analysis tools and displays
  • Robust and comprehensive uncertainty analysis
  • Efficient parameter screening and selection
  • Quick what-if analysis
  • Early model validation
  • Integrated dynamic and geological data control (Big LoopTM)
  • Geologically consistent history matching
  • Possibility to add uncertainty parameter at any stage
  • Interoperability with all major commercial and proprietary simulators


  • A proven and well-established solution used worldwide by many national, major and independent oil companies
  • Produces faster, statistically valid simulation results, leading to more robust prediction
  • Greatly accelerates history-matching (users report a time improvement up to a factor of 4 compared with manual matching)
  • Efficient creation of alternative development plans with associated likelihoods allows improved, auditable decision making


Tempest ENABLE works with Tempest MORE, ECLIPSE* 100/300/MR, Intersect*, Nexus/VIP**, IMEX/GEM/STARS*** & many proprietary reservoir simulators. It can also link to Roxar RMS and Petrel* to perform geological uncertainty studies.
(Marks of *Schlumberger, **Landmark, *** CMG)