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Tempest VIEW

Accelerate the decision-making process through unrivaled analysis of simulation results.

Tempest VIEW is a low-cost, user-friendly tool with an intuitive interface developed specifically for reservoir engineers. In addition to being the interface for all Tempest modules, Tempest VIEW provides powerful simulation post-processing to a wide range of third-party simulators and pre-processing to Tempest MORE. This fast and memory-efficient system can reliably process results from multiple simulations consisting of millions of cells and thousands of wells.

Data visualization is a key part of understanding simulation results, and Tempest VIEW has many features which make data interrogation intuitive and powerful.  It offers exceptional flexibility and functionality for 2D and 3D visualization.


  • Handle huge datasets – instantly loads a grid of 16 million cells (2.3 active)
  • Load on demand for fast and memory efficient result loading
  • Quick processing of results from multiple simulations
  • Flexible 2D / 3D view
  • Calculator for 2D and 3D data
  • Unified framework for RE studies, multi-platform support
  • Time player
  • Thumbnail plots
  • Scatterplots
  • Built-in text editor and table editor functionality
  • Well scheduling / events and operations editor
  • Simulator diagnostics
  • Lift table generator


  • Accelerate data load and display by a factor ~20 with unique "load on demand" processing
  • Increase flexibility with integrated 2D and 3D plotting
  • Added insight with history-match analysis
  • Robust and comprehensive data mining and analysis
  • Ease of use and optimal ergonomics
  • Provides a single post processor when a company has several different simulators


Tempest VIEW can be used as a front end to the following simulators: Tempest MORE, ECLIPSE*100 & 300, Intersect*, Nexus/VIP**, IMEX/GEM/STARS*** and many proprietary simulators.

(*Marks of *Schlumberger, **Landmark, *** CMG)