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Emerson E&P Software and OSDU

Emerson will contribute reservoir domain software and expertise to the development of The Open Group Open Subsurface Data Universe™ (OSDU™) Forum.  Emerson’s contribution will improve the efficiency of reservoir modelers and reservoir engineers, and enable multi-disciplinary integrated reservoir workflows, including geomodeling and flow simulation, on top of the OSDU platform.

The Open Group is a global consortium of more than 750 technology and industry organizations that seeks to achieve business objectives by developing open, vendor-neutral technology standards and certifications. For the oil and gas industry, The Open Group OSDU Forum provides a standard data platform to break down silos and offer the community secure and reliable global access to all subsurface and well data.

Emerson has a long history of industry collaboration and embracing standards. As an active member of Energistics’ RESQML SIG from its inception, Emerson has contributed to the development, deployment, and promotion of the standard. RESQML is an industry-wide standard that facilitates reliable, automated exchange of data among software packages used in subsurface workflows.

Emerson was the first software provider to commercially implement the use of RESQML and the Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP) throughout its entire portfolio, enabling multi-disciplinary, multi-vendor workflows. Use of the RESQML standard has also been adapted by Emerson to develop the first Open Database specifically designed for integrated reservoir workflows: OpenDB.

To continue promoting implementation and adoption of open standards across the E&P subsurface landscape, Emerson joined the OSDU Forum in November 2018.

Emerson and OSDU

Emerson’s subject matter experts will work on the OSDU Forum Reservoir Domain project alongside Energistics™ and other Members of The Open Group OSDU Forum to define and develop Reservoir Domain Data Management Services (DDMS) that leverage industry standards such as RESQML. Under the OSDU Forum, Emerson and its reservoir data services partners will contribute RESQML expertise and software that supports multi-disciplinary workflows on top of the OSDU platform.

The initiative includes two tracks:

  • Reservoir Domain Data Management Service project: to store reservoir data for optimum complex reservoir data access and querying in OSDU.
  • Creation of a Reservoir Domain Data Definition group, to define all reservoir meta-data required for searching and querying in OSDU.

Emerson leads the Reservoir Domain Data Definition group and will provide development and expertise for the Reservoir Domain Data Management Services track.

Emerson will also connect its entire software portfolio to the OSDU Data Platform. This will give oil and gas operators the ability to move data quickly and seamlessly to and from the OSDU Data Platform while enabling transformational workflows.  Emerson’s Geolog™ formation evaluation software suite is already connected to this platform, with additional solutions to be added in the future.


Emerson collaborated with Microsoft and Wipro on OSDU Release 1.  Two proofs of concept were completed, one connecting Emerson’s flagship formation evaluation software Geolog, and the other connecting a new generation cloud native application for sweet spot identification and infill well planning. 

Geolog connects to OSDU for data import 

Our Geolog Formation Evaluation product suite can access and download wells from OSDU datasets. From the import and export filters, users can connect to a release 1 instance and select .las files to download from the available wells stored on Azure cloud. 

Cloud native applications access OSDU data for sweet spot analysis 

Emerson now has a cloud native application connection to OSDU. Wells downloaded from OSDU can be automatically transformed to the RESQML standard and used for sweet spot prediction and well planning from well data and production KPIs. 

Querying, filtering and loading of OSDU wells into well planning and sweet spot prediction cloud application.

For inquiries or additional information on Emerson’s activities in OSDU contact us


Reservoir Modeling Enrichment Workflow Using RESQML Demonstrated at 2018 SEG ACE
RESQML Pilot Project 2018​