Formation Evaluation

Building the industry standard field development platform

Geolog® 8

New Feature Why It Matters
New petrophysics capabilities
  • New Multimin Monte Carlo Uncertainty
    • Assess overall uncertainty on a Multimin petrophysical analysis and identify variables with the greatest impact
  • Brings high end innovation to market
  • Part of the Multimin license - no extra cost
  • Full Waveform Sonic – New slowness frequency analysis module
    • Derive slowness frequency relation from input waveforms using Matrix Pencil method
    • Output slowness frequency map at each depth, as well as projection of log to slowness axis
  • Fast and accurate QC of sonic logs
  • 3D Petrophysics
    • New functionality for interpretation in high-angle/ horizontal wells
    • Implementation of initial output from 3D formation evaluation research
  • Greater understanding of interaction of formation and fluids in high-angle wells
  • Environmental Corrections
    • Full wireline and LWD corrections from Baker Hughes in the form of libraries
    • Baker Hughes Environmental Corrections V3.0 – Feb 2016
      • Inteq MWD / LWD
      • Baker Atlas Wireline
  • All available Baker Hughes environmental corrections are now in Geolog
  • Core Analysis
    • Rework of existing routine core analysis
  • Better integration of core analysis data for accurate reservoir characterization
  • Geomechanics extended to work in anisotropic conditions
  • Production logging support for PVT data
  • Casing inspection
  • Ability to assess wellbore stability and fracturing potential in anisotropic formations
  • The ability to calculate "solution gas ratio" and "formation volume factor" using PVT correlations
Production logging
  • Cement evaluation workflow for performing cement evaluation alongside open hole logs
  • Pulsed neutron
  • DTS/DAS handling
  • Integration of open and cased hole data improves understanding of reservoir behavior
Pulsed neutron
Enhanced customizationMatlab_1_-(4).png
  • Directly access Matlab™ code from within Geolog through Loglan
  • Enables existing research work and custom calculations to be easily delivered to end users
Enhanced ease of use
  • Additional data loading formats
    • CT data in SEGY format (DICOM supported in 7.4)
    • Additional depth-registered raster image formats
      • Petra .LIC
      • IHS .XML
    • XTF format files (Atlas format, used in China)
  • Easier to bring more types of data into Geolog for integrated interpretation
  • User interface and display improvements
    • Layout changes
      • New tracks, options and views; auto hide empty tracks
      • New multi-well formation test viewer
  • More options to visualize/display data, to help streamline interpretations and document results 
Ternary diagram view
  • Image log visualization
    • Interactively visualize geological structures in 3D
      • Dip planes in Image3D View
      • CT support in Image3D track
      • Improved speed correction in high angle wells
  • More accurate geological interpretations 
  • Videos available in Help documentation
Extended Connectivity
  • Import completions from Peloton WellView
    • Import completions information stored in Peloton WellView and displayed in Geolog well schematic track
    • Directly populate engineering displays with data retrieved from Peloton; no need to manually re-enter data
  • Geolog-Petrel connectivity updated to Petrel 2016