Data Connectivity & Management

Seamless coexistence and collaboration

New Feature Why it Matters
Extended third-party connectivity
  • Direct transfer
    • Petrel* Connector (New)
    • ULA to OpenWorks and GeoFrame (Newly rebuilt)
    • Synchronize to OpenWorks utility for well data (New)
  • Direct file access
    • Support for additional Raster Log Indexing file formats
  • Significant improvements and additions to file-based data transfer (see SEG-Y and ASCII below)
  • Enhanced co-existence with common third-party platforms, including GIS systems
  • Two connectivity options for Petrel Connector
    • File-based (RESQML I/O)
    • Direct connect
  • Improved ease of use
  • Better synchronization
  • Data reliability
  • No intermediate files (Direct connect)
  • Direct access to Matlab code from within Geolog through Loglan
  • Enables existing research work and custom calculations to be easily delivered to end users
  • New ULA interface
    • New interface for batch loading data from OpenWorks and GeoFrame
      • ULA Client now runs on Windows and Linux
      • New, highly flexible filtering of input data
      • Batch multi-survey loading of interpretations and seismic from 2D and 3D seismic
    • New ULA client (Linux only)
  • Significant improvements when migrating data to/from 3rd party systems using ULA architecture
  • SEG-Y Import and Export
    • Full support for SEG-Y Rev. 0 and Rev. 1
    • Support for double precision XY
    • 2D & 3D Export within polygon sets
    • Direct load to Compressed Brick
  • Import of vertical images as 2D seismic
  • Easier transfer of seismic data to/from partners within acreage blocks
  • Improved support of standard SEG-Y formats to benefit processing workflows

  • ASCII Import and Export
    • Export 3D single-value picks and grids as ESRI ASCII GRID format
    • Export contours and fault outlines in SHAPE format
    • Save and restore user-defined ASCII loading formats
  • Improved inter-connectivity with GIS systems
  • Easier sharing of user defined formats for interpretation data loading

(*is a mark of Schlumberger)