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Data Management & Connectivity

Seamless coexistence and collaboration


New Features Why It Matters
  • Audit trail for well operations performed in Epos applications
  • "Who did what to what and when"
  • Consistent with Geolog
  • Seismic collections and seismic maturity labeling and tracking
  • Audit, track and manage seismic data created in GeoDepth, Echos and other Epos applications from draft to gold status
  • Line List activation from Session Manager
  • Streamlined use of our applications
  • Unique seismic identifier
  • Track seismic throughout its lifespan in the customer's environment
  • Recent survey sessions
  • Provide faster start-up and population of sessions for users who work across multiple projects and surveys
  • Support for Petrel* 2018 and 2019 (*is a mark of Schlumberger)
  • Updated connectivity to the latest version of Petrel