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Formation Evaluation

Expanded capabilities in the industry's leading petrophysical analysis solution

Geolog 22 builds on the strength of previous releases, including Geolog 21, plus:

New Features

Why it Matters

Enriched petrophysical functionalities  
  • Interactive creation and editing of trend lines in Pore Pressure Prediction workflow 
  • Coefficients for empirical compaction trend computations in Pore Pressure Prediction are automatically determined
  • Automation of manual tasks enables quick look workflow to reduce time to results
  • Dynamic contractor charts on Xplots
  • Easier to find appropriate correction charts and to add new charts
  • New comprehensive zonation picking tool tool to create and use a catalog of zone properties (name, color, pattern, description) when picking intervals or zones in layouts.
  • Streamlines visual picking of zones and features
Zone picking tool


  • Easy customization of Pay Summary reports and report formats
  • Easier to configure and get results in whatever format the user prefers
New engineering functionalities  
  • Interactive Production Log cross section view displays velocity and fluid holdups of array spinner tools
  • New Array tool section track to display in layouts​
  • Processing and interpretation of PTS  tools for geothermal wells
  • Reconstruction of temperature profile log from well profile and thermal and physical properties of wellbore and produced fluids​
  • Enables processing and visualization of production logging data from high-angle/horizontal wells
  • Expands functionality for geothermal applications
Interactive Production Log cross section view 
New energy applications   
  • Expansion of Multimin to handle additional mineral and fluid assemblages (e.g. lithium brine exploration scenarios)
  • Expands capabilities of applications beyond traditional oil & gas environments
  • Additional geochemistry functionalities to support energy transition usage,  e.g. carbon capture, geothermal
  • The ability to assess and report geochemistry in geothermal and water resource prospects