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High-resolution processing & imaging

Simplified handling for larger and more complex seismic surveys

New Features

Why It Matters

Improved result accuracy

Q Tomography

  • Azimuthally-dependent, based on EarthStudy 360
  • Resolves Q with/without initial Q model (solving for Q/dQ)
  • Attenuates QC attributes, visualizing/analyzing dynamic/ attenuation properties on the pencils
  • Includes traveltime tomography features such as interpolation according to formation, update constraints (none, const, etc...)
  • Iterative workflow with EarthStudy 360 Q compensation
  • Based on a novel Q tomography derivation which is more stable and accurate
  • When input to EarthStudy 360 Imager, delivers enhanced imaging results  
  • Highly-performant solution
Without Q compensation (left) and Q update with Q volume overlaid (right)

Kaleidoscope RTM commercial release

  • Finite difference two-way wave equation implementation. Proper treatment of TTI with no converted wave energy artifacts.
  • Optimized for GPU with TTI speeds near those of isotropic speeds
  • Higher quality TTI results
Anisotropic (TTI) Reverse Time Migration
Increased efficiency

EarthStudy 360 max frequency as a function of depth

  • EarthStudy 360 GPU enhancements
  • Reduces computation time

Automation of velocity uncertainty


Improved automation of the TPT workflow for multi perturbation runs

  • Fewer manual steps required, for reduced overall time of the process