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Introducing Sysdrill 10.5

Advanced Engineering for Everyone

Paradigm® Sysdrill® 10.5, the latest version of the Paradigm  well planning and drilling engineering suite, offers quick and accurate well design and identification of drilling problems in a single, integrated, easy-to-use application. 

Well planning and survey management enhancements

  • Undo/Redo in the well planning spreadsheet
  • Course length based solutions
  • Updated well planning profiles
  • Distance to lease line calculations
  • User configurable well path interpolations

Engineering enhancements

  • Jar placement module determines optimal location for Jars
    New Jar Placement module based on technology acquired from Cougar Drilling Solutions.  Allows the calculation of optimal jar locations based upon jar operating parameters, drilling parameters, and the well trajectory.
  • Torque & Drag includes slip crush calculations
  • Hydraulics & Cementing includes washout calculation
  • Cementing calculation includes time based animation
  • Enhanced Friction Factor Sensitivity calculation
  • Casing Seat Selector displays min/max mud weights
Sysdrill 10.5 is integrated with Peloton’s WellView®/Masterview® corporate database for drilling and well operations.  The integration with Peloton offers a complete solution for well planning, drilling engineering, daily reporting and data management throughout the well life cycle. Drilling engineers can send a fully engineered Sysdrill well design to WellView, and during drilling operations, data captured in MasterView can be used in Sysdrill to perform engineering analysis to monitor drilling and prevent NPT events.
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