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Tempest 8.4

Accurate forecasts in reduced time cycles

Easy interactive setup of simulation grid regions
The Tempest™ Suite provide a full range of reservoir engineering and simulation tools.  Installed at hundreds of sites worldwide. Tempest is used for preparing and navigating the simulation input, submitting and monitoring runs, visualizing and analyzing results, performing assisted history matching, and predicting production uncertainty. The new Tempest 8.4 release focuses on increasing user productivity, to help operators efficiently exploit both new and established reservoirs.

Key Features

  • Increased compatibility with industry standard reservoir simulators, enabling users to run third-party simulation datasets, such as ECLIPSE*, INTERSECT* and GEM* models, using Tempest reservoir simulation with minimal changes. This also enables easy embedding of simulation decks into Big Loop™ workflows
  • Python-based operations, providing a powerful and user-friendly extensibility framework for intelligent simulation
  • Prediction runs restart, enabling significant simulation time saving
  • User-defined property import supporting 4D seismic workflows
  • Enhanced support for stochastic runs through RFT plotting
  • Roxar App Connector new functionality set, allowing cost-effective access to ensemble-based simulation
  • Performance and usability improvements 
In case you missed it, here are some additional functionalities provided in the Tempest 8.3 release:
  • Further gain in productivity through interactive creation of simulator regions to assign specific properties to pre-defined regions.
  • Descriptions of user-defined quantities, making it easy to tailor Tempest to corporate standards.
  • Well-to-well flow analysis across all time steps, for greater insight into the dynamics of the reservoir.
*ECLIPSE and INTERSECT are marks of Schlumberger, GEM is a mark of CMG.
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