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Articles and Papers

Advancing Seismic through Advanced Science
Indy Chakrabarti, Paradigm, Offshore Engineer, November
HD Exploration with Broadband Seismic
Duane Dopkin, Paradigm, E&P Daily News, SEG, October
Time Preserving Tomography
Lior Liram, Yoav Naveh, Gali Dekel, Zvi Koren - Paradigm, SEG Technical Sessions, October
Seismic Processing and Imaging to Subsurface Modeling
Hassane Kassouf, Paradigm, E&P Daily News, SEG, October
Driving HD Evaluation from Imaging to Interpretation and Modeling
Indy Chakrabarti, Paradigm, E&P Daily News, SEG, October
Imaging and characterization of a shale reservoir onshore Poland, using full-azimuth seismic depth imaging
Henryk Kowalski, Piotr Godlewski, Wojciech Kobusinski, Jakub Makarewicz, Michal Podolak - Geofizyka Torun S.A.; Aldona Nowicka, Zbigniew Mikolajewski - PGNiG S.A.; David Chase, Raanan Dafni, Anat Canning, Zvi Koren - Paradigm Geophysical, First Break, October
Cloud Services Are on a Slow but Steady March
Somesh Singh, World Oil, September
Using Full-azimuth Imaging and Inversion in a Belarus Salt Dome Tectonic Regime
Aleksandr Konyushenko, Valery Shumilyak, Vladimir Solgan, Aleksander Inozemtsev Vadim Solovyev, Zvi Koren, First Break, September
Interpreting with Paradigm
, Petroleum Africa, September
Redefinindo a Modelagem (Portuguese)
Bruno de Ribet, Paradigm, Oilfield Technology Brazil, July
Applying a New Synchronous Inversion of Seismograms Using Maximum Likelihood Method and Stochastic Refinements to Study Ultra-Thin Oil-Saturated Reservoirs
Aleksandr Konyushenko1, Valery Shumilyak1, Aleksander Inozemtsev and Baurzhan Suleimenov, First Break, June
Transforming How Interpreters Visually Interact with Prospective Plays
Bruno de Ribet, Paradigm, E&P Daily News, EAGE, June
Delivering HD Images from the Surface to the Deep Subsurface
Richard Eperjesi, Paradigm, E&P Daily News, EAGE, June
Delivering Advanced Science to Everyone
Richard Eperjesi, Paradigm, E&P Daily News, EAGE, June
Quantitative Interpretation Emerges as Major Geoscience Tool
Indy Chakrabarti, Paradigm, Offshore, June
Paradigm's Volume-based Subsurface Modelling
, Digital Energy Journal, April
Seismic Sets Sights on Sweet Spots in Shale
Ken Milam, AAPG Explorer, March
Azimuthally Dependent Anisotropic Velocity Model Update
Zvi Koren and Igor Ravve, Geophysics, March
Software Advances Keep E&P Industry Moving Faster
John A. Sullivan, Natural Gas Week, January
The Value of an Integrated G&G Interpretation System
Wes Hamlyn, Paradigm, E&P, January