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Articles and Papers

Bringing New Technology to an Old Field
Bruno de Ribet, Paradigm, E&P, December
Approach Enhances Seismic Imaging
David Chase, Yuval Serfaty, Igor Belfer, Zvi Koren, American Oil & Gas Reporter, November
A Robust X-T Domain Deghosting Method for Various Source/Receiver Configurations
Orhan Yilmaz, Edip Baysal - Paradigm, SEG 2015, October
Obstacles in the Analysis of Azimuth Information from Prestack Seismic Data
Anat Canning and Alex Malkin, Paradigm, SEG 2015, October
Predicting Reliability of AVA Effects Using Neural Networks
Kamal Hami-Eddine, Pascal Klein, Bruno de Ribet - Paradigm, SEG 2015, October
Toward More Accurate Reservoir Definition
, SEG Daily News, October
Filtering Azimuthal Anisotropic Velocity Field
Yuval Weiss, Anat Canning - Paradigm, SEG 2015, October
5D Local Angle Domain Gathers as an Ideal Representation for Directivity Driven Imaging
D. Chase and Z. Koren (Paradigm), 77th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2015, June
An Effective Ghost Removal Method for Marine Broadband Seismic Data Processing
O. Yilmaz & E. Baysal (Paradigm), 77th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2015, June
Accurate Pore Pressure Prediction Is Key to Safe Well Engineering
Joanne Wang, Paradigm, EAGE Daily News 2015, June
Observing Amplitude Uncertainties for a Pre-salt Reservoir Using Illumination Study (Hit-maps)
A.R.Maul, F.S. Jardim, L.F. Falcão (Petrobras) & G.A.S. González (Paradigm), 77th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2015, June
Fracture and Stress from In Situ Full-Azimuth Seismic Data - Application to a Kuwait Oil Field Dataset
B.R. de Ribet, S.P. Shiv Pujan Singh, D.D. Duane Dopkin, P.K. Pramod Kumar, O.B. Osamah Al Bannaw (Paradigm); N.R. Narahi Srinivasa Rao, O.O. Olusegun Kolawole Osuntola, S.A. Samar Al Ashwak, Q.D. Qasem Dashti (Kuwait Oil Company), 77th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2015, June
Fourth-Order NMO Velocity for Compressional Waves in Layered Orthorhombic Media
Z. Koren and I. Ravve (Paradigm), 77th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2015, June
Early Characterization of the Reservoir Reduces Uncertainty
Kamal Hami-Eddine (Paradigm), EAGE Daily News 2015, June
Merging Chronostratigraphic Modeling and Global Horizon Tracking
Emmanuel Labrunye, Camille Carn - Paradigm, Interpretation, May
Structural Modeling in Unconventional Reservoirs
Jeannie Stell, Offshore Engineer, May
The Seismic Perspective
Audrey Leon, Offshore Engineer, April
A New Technique for Lithology and Fluid Content Prediction from Pre Stack Data: An Application to a Carbonate Reservoir
Kamal Hami-Eddine, Pascal Klein, Loic Richard, Bruno de Ribet, and Maelle Grout, Interpretation, February
Integrated Software Helps Improve EUR
Duane Dopkin and Jean-Claude Dulac, Paradigm, The American Oil & Gas Reporter, January
Updating Structural Models under Uncertainty
Ingrid Aarnes and Knut Midtveit, Emerson, Offshore Engineer
Evergreen Workflows that Capture Uncertainty – The Benefits of an Unlocked Structure
Ingrid Aarnes, Knut Midtveit, Arne Skorstad - Emerson, First Break
Velocity Model Building and Prestack Depth Imaging Using CRAM
R. Pathak, Mamta Jain, Arjeesh Gupta, Surendra Kumar, T.R. Muali Mohan, GEOPIC, ONGC, Deharadun, SPG 11th Biennial International Conference & Exhibition
Noise Suppression and Multiple Attenuation Using Full-azimuth Angle Domain Imaging: Case studies
Alexander Inozemtsev, Zvi Koren and Alexander Galkin (Paradigm), First Break