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Articles and Papers

Application of Full-Azimuth Angle Domain Migration Technology in the Study of Terrigenous Reservoirs in Eastern Siberia. Case Study (Russian)
Sorokin A., Emelyanov P. (Gazpromneft STC), Shakirzyanov L. (Gazpromneft-Angara), Inozemtsev А. (Paradigm), Geofizika, December
Applying Full-Azimuth Depth Imaging in the Local Angle Domain to Delineate Hard-to-Recover Hydrocarbon Reserves
Alexander Inozemtsev, Zvi Koren (Paradigm), Alexander Galkin (JSC ZPG -RusOil), First Break, December
Predictive Analytics Bring New Capabilities To Shale Development
Duane Dopkin, Indy Chakrabarti, Zvi Koren, The American Oil & Gas Reporter, November
Automatic Global Optimal Estimation of Large Residual Statics
Nicolas Rey III, SEG 2017 Technical Sessions, September
Time-varying Q Estimation on Reflection Seismic Data in the Presence of Amplitude Variations
Amine Merouane and Orhan Yilmaz, SEG 2017 Technical Sessions, September
A Growing Machine Learning Approach to Optimize Use of Prestack and Poststack Seismic Data
Kamal Hami-Eddine, Bruno de Ribet, Patrick Durand and Patxi Gascue, SEG 2017 Technical Sessions, September
Mapping of Carbonate Mounds in the Brazilian Pre-Salt
Carlos Jesus and Maria Olho Azul, Petrogal Brasil; Wagner Lupinacci, UFF; and Leandro Machado, Paradigm, SEG 2017 Technical Sessions, September
Neural Networks Approach to Spectral Enhancement
Anat Canning, Dominique Moulière-Reiser, Yuval Weiss, Alex Malkin, Eitan Philip, Nimrod Grinberg, Anastasya Teitel, Margaret Reznikov and Vardit Yehezkel, SEG 2017 Technical Sessions, September
Normalized Global Effective Parameters for Symmetric Moveout in Layered Triclinic Media​
Zvi Koren and Igor Ravve, SEG 2017 Technical Sessions, September
A Simple Statistical Approach to Guide Fault Interpretation
Kamal Hami-Eddine and Bruno de Ribet, SEG 2017 Technical Sessions, September
A Geometry Dependent Lookup Table Approach to Improve Performance of the OMP Seismic Interpolation Method,
Y. Hollander, I. Degani, O. Yilmaz, R. Levy, Paradigm, EAGE Technical Sessions, June
The Effect of Full-Azimuth Local Angle Domain (LAD) Imaging on the Study of Terrigenous and Carbonate Reservoirs under Complex In-Situ Conditions at an Eastern Siberian Field
Andrey Sorokin, Gazpromneft STC; Lenar Shakirzyanov, Gazpromneft-Angara; Alexander Inozemtsev, Vadim Soloviev, and Zvi Koren, Paradigm, First Break, May
The Full Azimuthal Angle Migration EarthStudy 360 Application during Exploration of a Preneogenic Basement within an Oilfield in Republic of Serbia (Russian)
I. Bogatyrev (NTC NIS Naftagas), D. Semin, T. Olneva (Gazpromneft NTC), A. Inozemtsev (Paradigm), Geofizika, April
Applying Full-azimuth Angle Domain Imaging to Study Carbonate Reefs at Great Depths
B. Eskozha and M. Aimagambetov - ALMEX PLUS; A. Kondratenko and V. Sementsov - Largeo; V. Pankratov and A. Kuanysheva - Largeo Energy; A. Inozemtsev, V. Soloviev and Z. Koren - Paradigm, First Break, March
High-Resolution Diffraction Imaging for Reliable Interpretation of Fracture Systems
B. de Ribet, G. Yelin, Y. Serfaty, D. Chase, R. Kelvin and Z. Koren, First Break, February
Anisotropic Vector Maps Interpretation Based on Seismic, Borehole and Geological Regional Data (Russian)
T. Olneva, D. Semin (Gazpromneft NTC), I. Bogatyrev, K. Ezhov (NTC NIS – Naftagas), А. Inozemtsev (Paradigm), Geofizika, January
Protecting ROI through Automated Ensemble-based Quantification of Risk-Norwegian Onshore Case Study
M. Abd-Allah, S. Walia, S. Walsh, (Emerson), S. Topdemir (Petoro A.S.), EAGE Technical Sessions
Basement Fracture Imaging and Attribute Analysis on Full Azimuth Subsurface Angle Domain Directional Gather
A. Gosh, S. Basu, K.V. Krishnan - ONGC, SPG 12th Biennial Conference & Exposition
Local Angle Domain Imaging and Fracture Prediction in Tarim Basin
Wesheng Duan and Genxin Peng, Tarim Oilfield Company Petrochina: Xiaoping Song and Xueqiang Li, Paradigm Technology, Beijing, SEG 2017 Technical Sessions
Wavefield Separation via Principle Component Analysis and Deep Learning in the Local Angle Domain​
Yuval Serfaty, Liron Itan, David Chase and Zvi Koren, SEG 2017 Technical Sessions
An Application of Green’s Function Technique for Computing Well Inflow without Radial Flow Assumption
A. V. Novikov, V. S. Posvyanskii, Roxar AS; D. V. Posvyanskii, Roxar AS and Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics RAS, Computational Geoscience