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Solving Complex Seismic Correlation Challenges Using Volumetric Interpretation and HD Modeling

By Bruno de Ribet

As a seismic interpreter, how much seismic data can I interpret? How much time can I afford to spend interpreting a single seismic volume? How many seismic events do I need to interpret to obtain the best stratigraphic understanding of my seismic data?
This presentation demonstrates a new perspective for volume interpretation and provides a unique workflow that combines use of the Seismic Propagator to automatically track all relevant seismic events, with the SKUA® UVT Transform® which enables users to quickly build an accurate and high definition chronostratigraphic model. The fine scale 3D model can then be used directly for stratigraphic interpretation, reservoir modeling and reservoir characterization. The chrono-stratigraphic model will match all seismic coherent signals, and not only the few horizons typically interpreted.  This ensures accurate use of seismic information in stratigraphic interpretation and reservoir modeling.