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2015 Virtual Lecture Series - Season 2

Virtual Lecture Series

Beginning August 18, 2015, Paradigm will launch the second season of its 2015 Virtual Lecture Series, consisting of nine On-Demand Webcasts presented by Paradigm Subject Matter Experts. In these videos, first presented at EAGE 2015, you will learn about advanced geoscience solutions that can help you minimize risk and maximize production, for more cost-effective drilling.  See how high-definition seismic imaging, quantitative seismic interpretation, and unique modeling workflows are being redefined to deliver extraordinary results, in both conventional and unconventional plays.

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Paradigm Virtual Lecture Series - On-Demand Webcast Schedule

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On-Demand Presentation Title Featured Technology Presenter

Enriched Velocity Model Updating: A New, Flexible 3D Model-Based Approach for Reduced Velocity Model Non-Uniqueness Explorer™ Kashif Shaukat
Kashif Shaukat
Geosteering with Geolog 7.3:  Accurately Pick and Correlate Well Markers, Utilizing Real-Time Data from High Angle and Horizontal Wells Geolog® Geosteer®, Geolog® Correlator Gavin Baldwin
Gavin Baldwin
Precision Depthing for the Interpreter: Velocity Modeling and Depth-to-Depth Calibration Explorer™, SeisEarth® Camille Cosson
Camille Carn
Tackling Complex Reservoirs: Accurate Fracture Reservoir Models SKUA-GOCAD™, Geolog® Melanie Morin
Melanie Morin
Seismic Facies Classification Scenarios: From Waveform to Rock Type Stratimagic® Bruno de Ribet
Bruno de Ribet

Handling a Highly Complex Geologic Environment: Challenge Your Reservoir Modeling Technology! SKUA-GOCAD™ Melanie Morin
Melanie Morin

Determine Stress and Fractures from Seismic Imaging for HD Delineation of the Sweet Spot EarthStudy 360® Kashif Shuakat
Kashif Shaukat

Illumination as an Interpreter’s Tool to Validate Seismic in a Complex Environment Full-azimuth Illumination
Camille Carn
Camille Carn

Advanced Stratigraphic Investigation: Empowering Interpretation with QSI SeisEarth®, QSI-RFP Senem Uygun
Senem Uygun