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Enhancing Thin Bed Resolution and Detection with Quantitative Interpretation

In the current O&G environment, it is increasingly important to provide an accurate description of reservoir properties, in order to optimize production and increase drilling efficiency. The integration of Quantitative Seismic Interpretation (QSI) into the seismic interpretation process is one of the most effective methods for reducing risk and uncertainty.

We present a project involving the investigation of ultra-thin carbonate reservoirs under the geological conditions of Belarus, using a new, fully synchronous prestack inversion of gathers (PMLI – Inversion) followed by stochastic refinement methods.  The main result of this study shows the ability of the new inversion technology to improve the reliability of oil saturation prediction in thin reservoirs and at great depths.  These results are critical and will be used for future field development as allowed, to optimize the drilling of production wells through a deeper understanding of reservoir architecture.