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Deeper Seismic Insights and Higher ROI with Full-Azimuth Imaging and Characterization

Gary Potter, Technical Sales Advisor, explains how to gain deeper insights into your seismic data and a higher return on investment using the EarthStudy 360 full-azimuth imaging and characterization system.

Topics Covered
  • No more averaging or approximation – true azimuth, full accuracy
  • Achieve higher resolution fracture characterization – lower your drilling uncertainty
  • Worldwide application for improved imaging and characterization
Seismic data characterizations for stress and fracture determination are compromised and even flawed when time domain and azimuthal sectoring procedures are used.  Imagine a system that characterizes shales with in-situ measurements in depth, from all directions.  See how the Paradigm EarthStudy 360 solution achieves these objectives and makes seismic data highly relevant for shale resource plays.
Featured Technology:  EarthStudy 360®