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Geoscience Services

Science-based integrated solutions.

Combining unparalleled R&D strength and software interoperability with expert implementation, the Geoscience Services team collaborates with clients to provide complete service solutions, from seismic and wellbore field data, to prospects and drilling targets. Whether using proven and field-tested methodologies or new, innovative solutions, our best and brightest geoscientists deliver a highly collaborative, interactive and quality service offering.  The advanced technologies offered by our Services group deliver more insights into the subsurface, enabling you to make better informed, timelier and more accurate decisions.

Of the leading global service providers to the oil and gas industry, only AspenTech Subsurface Science & Engineering offers services based exclusively on its integrated software solutions. These are universally acknowledged as the industry leaders for subsurface imaging, reservoir characterization, volume-based interpretation and well planning.

The expertise of our geoscientists, combined with our global presence, local experience and industry-leading technologies, such as SKUA-GOCAD™, SeisEarth™ and EarthStudy 360™, ensures a level of service that meets the most demanding challenges of oil and gas exploration and production. Our R&D professionals, including over 60 PhD’s in the fields of geoscience and computer science, work seamlessly with our Services Group to ensure that project objectives are met and the latest developments are immediately available through regular technology updates. Our product interoperability ensures a smooth and uninterrupted workflow between seismic processing, imaging, interpretation, petrophysical analysis and well planning, maximizing throughput efficiency while reducing cost, cycle time and risk.



The Geoscience Services Group is well-acquainted with geological and geophysical conditions in most regions of the world, and has extensive experience with projects around the globe. These include highly challenging tasks, such as subsalt imaging in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea, permafrost in Russian oil fields, overthrust imaging in the Canadian and US Rockies and in South America, and fault shadow imaging, reef imaging, carbonate fracture determination, and comprehensive sweet spot analysis in unconventionals worldwide.


Our commitment to on-time, high-quality project delivery is based on much more than just technology.  Our project teams have expertise in every major land and marine play around the world.  We assign dedicated teams throughout the duration of your project, so you work with experts you know and trust, who understand the geology of your region and the goals of your project.

We offer our customers a truly collaborative experience, including participation in each step of the project and ongoing updates. Close communication and feedback are accomplished through several channels:

  • Frequent project reviews with our service staff at the location of your choice.
  • Project sharing: You can choose to share the project with us by using our software products to perform part of the job yourself.  This truly collaborative approach maximizes both your contribution and that of Paradigm, and results in enhanced productivity, reduced turnaround time and higher quality.
  • Project deliverables: When required, digital, interactive files of the project allow you to access and utilize the knowledge stored in the Paradigm Epos™ project database.