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AspenTech Subsurface Science & Engineering (SSE) Training

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The Online University provides a quick and easy way to maximize your investment.  A wealth of training content is available free of charge to every registered customer.  

  • Videos 
  • Interactive modules
  • Workflow guides
  • Tutorials and documents

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We offer a variety of instructor-led training courses to introduce you to important software features, functionality and workflows.

Courses are taught by proven and effective trainers who are experts in AspenTech SSE applications. Our trainers have a wide understanding of industry workflows and needs, and the skills to provide advice and guidance during each class. Attend any regularly scheduled training course at one of our training facilities, or schedule training for your team at your own facility.

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We offer a variety of online and real-time instructor-led courses which aim to replicate the traditional classroom experience by using a web-conferencing tool and our Online University, where applicable. Cameras, chat rooms, whiteboards, screen sharing… our trainers make the most of today's virtual communication technologies to foster engagement and interactivity, and ensure that your learning experience is rich and successful.  


Whether you just need to modify the workflows or add content to any of our existing courses, we can work with you to adapt the course to your company's needs.